I had an unfortunate experience on my way home tonight and I want to blog about it, but, even though I don’t think anyone really reads my blog, I want to be sensitive to something going on in my community right now, especially when the reason I feel so unsettled is because the experience intersects with the going-on (and other goings-on dating back to junior high and high school).

Hopefully there is good news in the next couple days so I can feel more comfortable writing about this.  It was fortunate that sraffie Kyle was online when I got home, and I could talk to someone about it briefly, but what I really want to do is to talk about with a local friend so I can make local references, but given the local sensitivities, it doesn’t feel right either.

Apologies for the very long sentences… I just wanted to get it all down.

Next day addendum: There was an unrelated but totally related government announcement today and I’m really unimpressed that they decided to make that announcement today given what’s going on right now. I know it’s just one case but I work in government and I know there are people flagging this business for these exact reasons. Ugh.

View looking west
So, when I was growing up, I definitely thought that “the stars/planets aligned” literally referred to the planets (and the stars and satellites like the moon) in a line.  But it’s striking nonetheless, especially over a city full of city lights, and with the last of the day’s light over the horizon.

Dear Diary,

I will resist looking up what it means and reflect upon it by myself, for a little bit.


It’s been the wonkiest winter and it’s rarely been going below 0°C this season, except for a couple days immediately after Christmas, a couple days immediately after New Year, and this weekend.  I guess it never really gets that cold here until January/February… but I think it usually comes much more gradually than the 20-30° swings we’ve been experiencing.

In any case, I’ve already been looking forward to spring collections, even though I’m usually a fall collection sort of girl.  Look at this trench coat!

[2990 USD]

Kate Adie closing the NYE edition of From Our Own Correspondent:

It was a year which seemed to contain a decade of news.