This was my first real blog (after some early dear diary years on LiveJournal) which I kept alive from the middle of the first decade of the millennium and into the first couple years of the next. I was born towards the end of the 1980s, awoken in the mid-90s, and raised in a provincial capital called Toronto. For the first three years of this blog, I was trying hard not to be a “Toronto Girl” in super cool Montreal, after which I spent a year in China trying to develop snappy retorts to nosy questions about my heritage as an elementary-level language learner. I barely blogged from Kingston, where I kept an eight month lease, after which I spent a couple months in Europe. I’ve since returned to Toronto, my home and my heart and the only place I will ever call mine, where I’ve been blogging less. Still, you can follow me on social media here and here. Occasional attempts to be more creative and/or reflective can be found here.